Registration 2024/2025

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Welcome to the Online Registration of Candidates (IRK) for studies starting in the academic year 2024/2025

Registration in the IRK system (step- by- step  guide)

To create an account in the IRK system, select ”Create an account” from the top menu.

1. Read and accept the rules contained in the information clause, and then confirm them using the "I agree" option.
2. The registration  process is done only once, the next logins are done through the "log in" website tab (using your e-mail address and password).
3. After the account has been successfully created you have to log in and follow the next steps of the registration.
4. You have to fill in the data from the "my account" website tab-> "personal forms":

  • basic personal data;
  • address and contact details;
  • education;
  • additional personal data;
  • photograph (there is no obligation to upload a photo for the electronic ID card before being accepted for admission). 

5. Candidates enter their final secondary school  exam  results  in "education" website tab -> "edit exam results" (if you are waiting for your final secondary school  results, you should mark the subjects you passed at a certain level and complete them immediately after the results are announced).

6. Candidates who want to take advantage of the preferences for winners and finalists of the contests (admission rules) - send scans of the required documents by the closing date of the online registration.

7. In the website tab "offer", you should enroll for the selected field of study.
8. After the selection has been made, the course of study will be displayed in the "my account" website tab -> "applications".
9. You have to make the application payment (transfer details will be available in "my account" website tab -> "payments").
10. Medical examination referrals will be available to download from "my account" website tab-> “applications" -> selected course ofstudy -> "documents and next steps". Detailed information on medical examinations can be found below.
11. All information regarding the progress and results of the application process will appear in the candidate's individual account.

Medical examinations

Candidates for the course of study physiotherapy in English are required to undergo medical examinations - the medical certificate should include a statement of  the lack of  health contraindication and must be issued by an occupational medicine specialist or a doctor authorized to conduct preventive medical examinations.
Examinations by occupational medicine specialists or doctors authorized to perform preventive examinations can be performed at the Occupational Medicine Clinic of WOMP Katowice, located in Sosnowiec. These examinations are free of charge. A referral downloaded from an individual account in the IRK system is obligatory. Tests carried out in other facilities are performed at the candidate's expense.
Medical examination referrals will be available to download after enrolling in the course of study in the "my account" website tab -> "applications" -> selected course of study -> "documents and further steps".
The doctor for occupational medicine is available from Monday to Friday. You should make an electronically appointment at
In the case of e-registration via TERMINARZ to book an appointment you need to select "preventive medical appointment" before choosing your preferred date in the website tab "Additional information".

You must arrive for the examination no earlier than 5 minutes before the time specified in the schedule.

On the day of the examination, the candidate must have:

In the case of  an underage person, the above documents need to be signed by a legal representative.

Contact details of the medical centre performing the examination:

Occupational Medicine Clinic of WOMP Katowice
44a Stanisława Staszica Street, 41-200 Sosnowiec

Foreigners (who are not Polish citizens) may take up and pursue higher education on the basis of:

1. The Resolution of the Senate No. AR001-3-VI/2023 as amended on the conditions, mode, date of commencement and completion of recruitment and the manner of its conduct in the academic year 2024/2025;

2. According to the rules specified in Article 323 of the Act;

3. The Resolution of the Senate No. AR001-4-III/2020 as amended on commencement of studies by foreigners (who are not Polish citizens), based on:

  • international agreements, according to the rules specified in these agreements;
  • agreements concluded with foreign entities by universities, according to the rules defined in these agreements;
  • the decision of the Minister;
  • the decision of the director of NAWA with regard to its grantees;
  • the decision of the Director of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCN) on awarding funds for conducting basic research in the form of a research project, a traineeship or a scholarship, qualified for funding through a competition;
  • the  administrative decision of the Rector. 

The admission to the 3-year first-cycle studies and the 5-year Master‘s degree studies is open to foreigners who hold a Polish final secondary school certificate or a legalised or an apostille-embedded certificate or other document obtained abroad, which entitles them to apply for admission to studies at any type of higher education institution in the country whose system of operation was the one of the institution issuing the certificate, recognized as equivalent to the corresponding Polish final secondary school certificate.

Legalisation of foreign certificates - each final secondary school certificate obtained outside Poland must be provided with an apostille or legalised in the country of its issue.


Tel. +48 32 207 52 34 from 10 am to 2 pm (English language only),

or contact form on the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice IRK website.