Health trainer 3 year first-cycle studies

In power from: 10 May 2023

Registration criteria

How to apply ?

The application procedure is competitive in nature and takes into account the sum of points received by a candidate according to the rules set out in The application guide 2023/2024 in the part “Points for the Final Secondary School Certificate” (final secondary school certificate)  as well as the health assessment - the ability to undertake studies, confirmed by a medical certificate issued by a specialist in occupational medicine or a doctor authorised to carry out preventive medical examinations. People qualified for admission are those who obtained the highest number of points consecutively, according to the admission limit. In the case of a larger number of candidates with the same number of ranking points, placed on the borderline of the admission limit, an additional criterion is applied, consisting in the conversion of the average of the ranking points awarded for all subjects on the  final secondary school certificate, or equivalent certificates. Candidates qualified for admission need  to enter into their account in IRK system scans of documents mentioned in The application guide 2023/2024 in part ”Entry requirements.” Failure to upload scans of documents within seven days of the announcement of the final  ranking list of candidates qualified for admission will result in a  refusal of admission.

Winners and finalists of the central level contests are accepted in the first place without the qualifying procedure, on condition that scans of relevant documents are entered into IRK by the final closing date for registration.